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Kyrillos Saber (born July 14, 1989) in Cairo Egypt, is an Egyptian American Actor, Rapper, Hip Hop artist, Singer, Songwriter, Scriptwriter, Producer, and Music video director.

He immigrated to the United States in 2009 from Egypt.

Kyrillos's earliest credited roles were in St Bishoy movie in 2004 and St Hermena movie in 2007 (Egypt).

In 2013 Kyrillos played Frat Jock in Die Die Delta Pi (USA).

In 2019 Kyrillos played TY in Shit Stew, Bartender in A Brother's Honor, and Zombie in End Survival (USA).

In 2020 Kyrillos played Bar Patron in Todd, Mister in The Last Bounty, Troy in Necrophilia 1, Vampire Queen's Follower 3 in Blood Thirst Supporting Tara Reid, Alan Sweet in Amber Road, Reza Manzur Jr in Social Distance, Joshua in Death Count, Officer Sanchez in Amrak My New Family, Anarchist Member in Survival of the Apocalypse, Masked gun Man in Having had breakfast (USA), and Richard Marks in Nest of Vampires (England).

In 2021 Kyrillos will play Detective Martinez in the Junior Squad Returns, Omar in Ourselves, Richard Marks in Nest of Vampires and Zeke in Night of the Tommyknockers.

Albums: 3

Music: 60 singles.

Music Videos: 15.

Theatre: 16 plays.

Founder of Actor Kyrillos Saber. (Fan page on Facebook).

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